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                                                       About Arted

Arted is an interactive creator community platform providing skilling & collaboration opportunities for Students / Professionals and Teachers in the areas of Indian culture & arts.

Arted is solving some of the important challenges faced by Indian Creative Community w.r.t the Education, Resources & Platform to pursue artistic ventures. Arted provides a wide variety of learning, job & wealth creation opportunities in Indian performing & visual arts, AVGC and Blended Arts by providing skilling & collaboration programs designed by industry experts, celebrities artists and professional teachers. 


We provide quality resources, customized learning models, hands on training, certifications for wide variants of art forms. We are committed to make creative skilling accessible in a more affordable, scalable and measurable way and aiming to become India's promising and favorite Creator Community Platform.

 The Team


We are a team of Creative Technologists, Artists, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Event & Film Professionals with experience working in the global markets.

If you wish to join our tribe please contact us at info@arted.in


DIPPT Recognized, Part of Wadhwani Foundation, VentureFastTrack Launch Program, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups & Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE)