Democratize Arts Skilling. Develop Creative Talent Pool. Spread Arts & Indian Culture

                                                       About ArtEd

ArtEd is an interactive learning platform providing skilling & collaboration opportunities for Students / Professionals and Teachers in the areas of Indian culture & arts.

ArtEd is solving some of the important challenges faced by Indian Creative Community w.r.t the Education, Resources & Platform to pursue artistic ventures. ArtEd provides a wide variety of learning, job & wealth creation opportunities in Indian performing arts, digital arts, culinary arts, blended arts, crafts & DIY space, designed by industry experts, celebrities artists and professional teachers.


Some of the key features includes: 

  • Interactive AI / ML, AR/VR learning applications & AVGC Contents

  • LIVE 1:1 & Short Videos on Demand

  • Podcast / Audio Contents

  • Verified Marketplace for Indian Art Works

  • DIY KITS & Indian Toys & Games 

  • Co-Creation, Monetization and Personalized Services 


We provide quality resources, customized learning models, hands on training, certifications for wide variants of art forms. We are committed to make creative skilling accessible in a more affordable, scalable and measurable way.

 The Team


We are a team of Creative Technologists, Artists, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Event & Film Professionals with experience working in the global markets.

If you wish to join our tribe please contact us at info@arted.in


DIPPT Recognized, Part of Wadhwani Foundation, VentureFastTrack Launch Program, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups & Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE)