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'Atmanirbhar Kalakaar' - a proud initiative by ArtEd /Calpod, is a series of online programs for Indian creators to

  • create awareness on necessities & trends in various sectors

  • benefit & empower artists with efficient resources

  • make artists self reliant 


Atmanirbhar Kalakaar is an unique opportunity for creators to connect with various industry experts and professionals to enhance their creative skills, provide knowledge on market needs, introduce to trends & technology, improve business and collaboration opportunities.

The first edition of Atmanirbhar Kalakaar workshops was conducted in December 2020. Over 200+ budding and professional Artists especially from T2/3/ Non-Urban parts of Indian participated in the first edition. Leading industry experts interacted & shared valuable insights and extended great support to our participants. Participants were benefitted with best business practices, technology & market insights, knowledge on various sectors that influence their lives and business on a daily basis. Several artists got an opportunity to network and monetize from their creative works. 

Check out below the recorded videos from Atmanirbhar Kalakaar 1 event.

Past Speakers & Topics include:​

  • Financial Planning by Mr Mohan Vishwa 

  • Soft Skills & Personality Development by Mrs Kavita P 

  • Health & Wellness by Dr. Mamata Bhagwat 

  • Technology & Productivity Tools by Mr Jatin Malhotra 

  • Online Marketing by Mr Siddharth Sriram 

  • Banking & Insurance by Mr T.N.S Murthy 

  • Business & Entrepreneurship by Mr C.M Patil 

The second edition i.e Atmanirbhar Kalakaar 2 program is scheduled to be conducted in April 2021. Interested participants can register below before March 31st, 2021 to receive FREE entry to the program.

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