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Why AVGC ?
  • In M&E sector AVGC is growing at exponential rate, i.e 32%
  • Global value of AVGC is $350 Billion as of 2020
  • Animation, Comics, Visual Effects is $100 Billion industry in 2020
  • Gaming alone is expected to grow into $300 Billion industry by 2027
  • India has 100 Million+ online gamers & growing at 20% annually
  • AVGC has proven to be leader in imparting education & building creativity
  • Increasing demand and job opportunities across various industries for AVGC professionals

Why ArtEd for your AVGC needs ?

  • Industry experts & professional trainers in AVGC

  • Studio for hands on practical training & expert interactions

  • Student Co-Ops & Job assistance

  • Collaboration with Startups, Events, Art, Media and Entertainment industries

  • Events, Workshop and Industry engagement programs

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