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Calpod offers several benefits to our esteemed partners. Some of the privileges currently offered are listed below.

Come, join us in our mission in spreading Indian Languages, Arts & Culture.

Schools /Art Academies / Educational Institutes:

  • Special discounts on various courses along with certifications

  • Co-create, collaborate on contents, products and events

  • Industry interaction / Co-Ops / Internship / Job opportunities Read More...


Startups / MNCs / Non-Profits:

  • Provide customized courses and creative skill development programs

  • Provide skilled talent pool 

  • Promotion and distribution of products and services 


Parents, Teachers & Artists:

  • Opportunities - Co-Creation, Co-Learning, Personalized Career Support 

  • Quality Assessments Programs - Events, Content, Courses, Teachers, R & D 

  • Support - Volunteering, Products and Creative Management

For more information reach us on 

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