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Web 3.0 Studio

Indian Content Platform for Web 3.0 i.e. NFT, Gaming & Metaverse needs

Indian Creators! Come! Be a part of the future! 

Skill, Create & Monetize from 3D, AVGC, Interactive & Immersive contents.

Let us together build the Indian Web 3.0 

We support Indian talents with proprietary blockchain tech stacks, creator tools & NFT contents to skill, collaborate & monetize in Indian Arts, Languages & Culture

How Calpod Web 3 Studio contributes to Indian Metaverse ?

Skilling - Interactive & Immersive (AI/ML & AR) Vernacular Languages & Regional Digital Audio / Video & AVGC Contents in Indian Art, Languages, Cultural forms

Platform Services - Content & Talent Management, Native Indian Digital Assets, NFT Marketplace

Consulting - Web 3.0 Strategy, IP Development, Digital Transformation, Events, Consulting

The digital collectibles will be interoperable across metaverse of Gaming, Design, Sports, NFT and various applications

Calpod Web 3.0 Studio Features

  • Learn, Mint, Sell, Fund Raise, Distribute & Promote the Art

  • Interactive, Immersive, Gamified Skilling & Collaborative Apps

  • Use Tokens for Fans / Community Subscription & Auction

  • Farming rewards on staking NFTs or Fan tokens

  • Manage Governance, NFT Creators, Web 3.0 Assets

  • Content Ownerships, Co-Creation and Management

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